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You can book a flight from your original destination to Ercan Airport in North Cyprus. All flights (including charters) must touch down in Turkey before continuing to Ercan airport. For flights from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir to Ercan Airport, you can use Turkish Airlines, Atlas Jet, Onur Air and Pegasus Airlines. If you are coming to Ercan Airport in the North, visit Other Information to learn about transportation between Ercan Airport and Evolve Park, the accommodation for MCU'15. Just to clarify, click visa regulations to learn more about visa requirements to visit North Cyprus.

Alternatively, you can book a flight to Larnaca International Airport in South (Greek) Cyprus (non-Schengen EU member country). If you are flying into Larnaca, you need to arrange your transfer. One possibility is to take a taxi to the North, and reach Famagusta by taxi. The border between the South and the North of the island is transparent. To arrange a taxi you may contact to the organizers of the conference.

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